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Author and poet Helen A Rosburg brings her fantasy verse to e-book. Featuring such tales as the vampire romantic tragedy “Angelique” and the western ghost story “Jimmy Flynn,” this collection will pull you into a new world with every turn of the page. With fanciful figures and wondrous creatures depicted in picture and poetry, Arabesque will capture you in its spell.

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“Are you back, Angelique?”

He waits in his library, alone, drawing back curtains on memories of love so many years lost. Reports of dead men, bloodless, all eerily similar, tell Vincent the tale. Stalking in shadows, she seeks him.

Will she have him still?

Told first in Helen A Rosburg’s poem “Angelique,” the story of Angelique and Vincent’s undying love now comes to resplendent life in this novelette illustrated by Cherif Fortin and Lynn Sanders and offered in animated-book format. With its beautiful prose and breathtaking images, this instant classic vampire story will haunt and delight readers for eternity.

Animated Book
Vampire Romance
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Listen to the poem that inspired the book. Read by Helen A. Rosburg

“Moving pictures, the option to read it or have it read to you—the Angelique app is amazing.”
~ Reader Girls (June 16, 2012)

“I am so impressed with the caliber of work and the dedication of the artists who spent so much time creating such lovingly exacting work. A definite 5 clouds.”
~ Mindy Wall, Books, Books, and More Books (June 17, 2012)

“Angelique is a truly beautiful and haunting tale of undying love that puts an original and entertaining spin on a well-worn formula; for fans of the vampire genre, it’s a simply must-have.”
~ David Harfield, iPhoneAppCafe (July 26, 2012)

By Honor Bound
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2005 Affaire de Coeur Reader Writer Poll Nominee for Best Overall Historical!

Bound by fate. Bound by love. Bound by honor…

Honneure Mansart, orphaned child of a lowly servant, never dreamed that she would one day find herself at the glittering palace of Versailles as a servant to the young and lovely Marie Antoinette, future Queen of France. Nor could she have imagined the love of her life would turn out to be her beloved foster brother Phillipe, who also served the young princess. Their lives were golden.

But the young princess, Antoinette, has a mortal enemy in Madame du Barry, the aging king’s mistress. And Honneure has a rival for Phillipe, a servant in du Barry’s entourage. Together the women scheme to destroy both Antoinette and Honneure. Then Louis the XV dies, and his grandson inherits the throne. Marie Antoinette becomes the Queen of France.

Honneure and Phillipe, their lives inextricably entwined with those of the king and queen, find a second chance together. Yet as France’s political climate overheats, sadness and tragedy stalk both couples once again…tragedy, and a terrible secret that might lead Honneure to the guillotine in the footsteps of her queen.

" In my opinion, By Honor Bound is a must-read for any romance fiction fan, and assuredly deserves the distinction of a Perfect 10. It's just that good!"
~ Romance Reviews Today

"Ms. Rosburg has written a wonderful historical novel that adds a new dimension to the life of Marie Antoinette. Honneure's tale was enchanting. This is definitely a book I will read again!"
~ Affaire de Coeur Magazine

" A gripping saga, heavy with historical details."
~ Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine

The Circle of a Promise
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Once upon a time, a knight and the daughter of one of Henry III’s barons fell in love. Stephen of Bellingham and Amarantha of Ullswater were thrown together in a desperate bid to escape the madness of Baldwin, Earl of Cumbria. The taste of their first kiss still on his lips, Stephen made a vow: to love Mara forever and keep her safe. But in a battle to save their lives and love, she died in his arms. Today Steve Bellingham wakes up, sees again what happened so long before, and knows only one thing can make his life whole. He will reach into the past and fulfill his vow. He will complete the circle of a promise.

The Dream Thief
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Someone is murdering young, beautiful women in mid-sixteenth century Venice. Even the most formidable walls of the grandest villas cannot keep him out, for he steals into his victims’ dreams. Holding his chosen prey captive in the night, he seduces them … to death.

Now Pina’s cousin, Valeria, is found dead, her lovely body ravished. It is the final straw for Pina’s overbearing fiance’, Antonio, and he orders her confined within the walls of her mother’s opulent villa on Venice’s Grand Canal. It is a blow not only to Pina, but to the poor and downtrodden in the city’s ghettos, to whom Pina has been an angel of charity and mercy. But Pina does not chafe long in her lavish prison, for soon she too begins to show symptoms of the midnight visitations; a waxen pallor and overwhelming lethargy.

Fearing for her daughter’s life, Pina’s mother removes her from the city to their estate in the country. Still, Pina is not safe. For Antonio’s wealth and his family’s power enable him to hide a deadly secret. And the murderer manages to find his intended victim. Not to steal into her dreams and steal away her life, however, but to save her. And to find his own salvation in the arms of the only woman who has ever shown him love.

The Call of the Trumpet
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Shattered when his Bedouin wife dies in childbirth, Francoise Villier, wealthy and prominent Frenchman, flees the African desert — the horses and the people — he has come to love so dearly. He takes with him only his infant daughter, Cecile, faithful Bedouin servant, Jali, and a magnificent Arab mare. Before he leaves, however, he extracts a promise from one of the most powerful of the desert chieftains.

Years later, upon her father’s death, Cecile must make a momentous decision: stay in the country that has spurned her, and her mother’s heritage; or seek that very heritage in the heart of the awesome and terrible Sahara Desert. With only the aging but devoted Jali, her vast knowledge of the Arab horses her father bred, and enormous courage, Cecile finally embarks on the journey of a lifetime to find her foster father, the legendary Raga eben Haddal.

So begins a vital struggle to survive, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as Cecile’s European upbringing clashes with a Bedouin culture that seems brutal — and male oriented — on the surface. It is a struggle that will earn her a new name, Al Dhiba bint Sada — She-Wolf, daughter of Sada — and teach her about love and loyalty. And heartbreak.

Ellie and the Elven King
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Ellie's mysterious sister died and left her everything: money, a fabulous horse farm, and a husband. But not just any husband . . . Ellie and the Elven King is an adventure into fantasy, romance, and the magical hearts of horses.

Lady Blue
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From the independent freedom of the American cattle ranch to the stifling restraint of the prim English parlor, Harmony Simmons loses all she has ever valued after the death of her affluent parents. According to her mother’s will, she must remain under the guardianship of her domineering older sister, Agatha, until she turns twenty-one, a crushing blow to her ambitious spirit. Dowdy Agatha is jealous and spiteful, resentful of her attractive sibling. A restricted existence in England promises hell compared to Harmony’s former privileged life with her successful father in the heavenly expanse of the West.

When Anthony Allen meets Harmony, he plays the rogue. Kidnapping this beautiful, well-bred angel with the sapphire eyes is a risk he’s willing to take to coax her into his arms forever. His Lady Blue. Never has he seen a woman like her. Never will he adore another. Later, however, he introduces himself as suave aristocrat Lord Farmington, a title she suspects is a sophisticated ruse.

Baffled by his duplicity, Harmony cannot determine whether her mysterious lover is a cavalier bandit or an honorable hero of the landed gentry. His secret ignites a fear deep inside, where her passion for him burns. What sinister shadows may lurk in his past? Does he love her as he claims . . . or is he a jewel thief and a criminal predator seeking her inheritance in an elaborate masquerade?

Blaze of Lightning, Roar of Thunder
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Louisa Rodriguez was out on the desert gathering fuel when the scalp hunters came, massacred her family and all the people of her village, shot her in the head and left her for dead. Regaining consciousness, she buried the people she had loved, and when she was done she stripped off her bloody clothes and walked naked into the mountains. Where she was reborn.

When horse wrangler Ring Crossman came across the half-wild woman in the western wilderness, she would not tell him her name. So he gave her one. Blaze, for the lightning-like streak of white in her long, black hair where a bullet had creased her skull. He gave her his heart, too, although he knew there was no room in her life for anything but revenge.

Vengeance consumed Bane as well. His life was devoted to finding the man who raped his Apache mother and fathered him. Then The Bringer of Thunder, as he was called by his people, crossed trails with the only human being whose thirst for a man’s blood was as great as his own. And when they discovered they stalked the same prey, the destructive power of the storm they unleashed consumed all around them. Including themselves.